So when everything seems to go upwards, everything falls apart again.
Reboot from scratch.
Life is really testing me, but im not ready to give up just right now since im fighting for someone else.
I’m never giving up.
So my projects is once again on hold.

Things are looking better and better.
So work has begun on my projects again.

Time to get started
Family health comes first.
And after that, everything else.
And right now, it’s time to start everything else again. =)

About to start new project
The plan is that tomorrow (2016-10-07) i will start recruiting people for
my upcoming project. :)
Finally after all things that has been, it is now time.
So check my facebook tomorrow, it will be published there.

Slowly returning
Things have turned and are moving to the better now.
And i am slowly beginning to return to life as it was before.
Have begun to create pictures again (on my facebook), and i will soon start on my video project.

Due to very important family matters, im now in a position where i cant put any time on creating at all.
Some day when things are better i hope to get going again. Hope to see you all then.
Take care of eachother and god bless.

Next project in planning. 2015-11-05 – (DELAYED)
My next video project will be a horror shortfilm.
I will probably need actors and makeupartist for this.
So if you are interested to be a part of this project, just send me an email (Email found under contact).
I would prefer if you live in Trelleborg or somewhere close to Trelleborg.
So if you are interested, dont hesitate to contact me.

This first project is DONE!
”At the moment i am working with my first musicvideo.
It’s my daughter and her best friend who asked me for help to make a youtube video.
So i saw this as a good opportunity for me to learn about the video editing tool i am using.”


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